Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This inaugural blog post is a physical manifestation of my word of the year (inspired by Susannah Conway's Unravelling 2013 workbook. For free here.)

I love to read, think, and write. I excelled in school largely because I’m at home in my brain and I’m fascinated by ideas. In the past few years, a whole new realm of ideas and concepts have come into my awareness through the books, blogs, and online content I read. From sources as varied as Shakti Gawain, Pema Chödrön , Bob Proctor, Tim Ferris, Chris Guillebeau, Seth Godin , Hugh MacLeod, Daniel Siegel…and the list goes on.

Though I love the world of ideas and the process of pondering, I am beginning to really get that transformation happens in the doing. And in order to do anything, especially to start a journey into uncharted territory with ourselves (or, say, a new blog), we just have to take the leap. Do something. Write the first post. Make a move even if it feels so tiny and insignificant.

Just, Go!


  1. Best wishes on blogging, writing, and doing from a fellow blogger, writer, and doer! God bless!

  2. Thanks, Richard! And right back atcha!